Why I'm Running

Let’s make Seattle the first city in the nation to provide a world-class education to ALL students -- a city where income, race, and zip code are no longer predictors of student success. 

Seattle is a progressive city we are all proud of.  And many of our schools are exemplary.  But for many students, especially students of color and low-income students, our schools are failing.  I’m running to close our achievement and opportunity gap.  The statistics in our district are shocking— 

  • By third grade, more than half of students of color are already behind grade level with respect to literacy.
  • Students of color experience disproportionate levels of discipline relative to their white peers—they are 3x more likely to be expelled or suspended.
  • Over 40% of Black and Latino students do not graduate on time or drop out entirely.  

This is an issue I feel passionate about because I grew up on the wrong end of the achievement gap.  I was lucky to receive key opportunities that paved the way for the life I have now, but in the 21st century, in our city, students should not have to rely on luck to have the excellent educational opportunities.