About Omar


Our kids deserve better.  We can give it to them.

I have over a decade of experience in public education and working with youth, particularly marginalized youth, low-income youth, and youth of color. For six years, I taught high school math – everything from Freshman Algebra to AP Calculus to IB Math.  I worked with students who came to my class many years behind grade level to not only get them caught up, but to get them to college.  For two years, I was the head of my department where I served a school of over two thousand students, and during my tenure as chair, I worked with teachers, families, administration, and other schools in the district to get more of our most vulnerable students into AP, IB and honors level courses.

And last year, I served on Mayor Ed Murray’s Education Advisory Council to propose student-centered solutions that the City could implement to address the achievement and opportunity gap.

I am proud to be the only candidate in my race with teaching experience.

Ultimately, the school board needs more than education experience.  Managing the district’s $1 billion revenue stream and negotiating key contracts requires a deep understanding of finance and the law.  As a business and tax lawyer, I have the skills to analyze financial statements and to navigate the complex regulatory framework that governs our schools.  

Our district has challenges, but we can tackle them together.  I need your support to realize our vision of Seattle Public Schools becoming an inspiration for the rest of the nation.